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Achieve Your Optimal Wellness

Live Well and Move

At Live Well and Move, your quality of life is our passion.  We offer individualized, one-on-one treatments to help you achieve your optimal wellness.  Whether you need to recover from an injury, overcome a nagging posture issue, or want help and a plan to become your best self, this is the right place.  Click the pictures below to get more information on our services.  



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Achieve Your Optimal Wellness


Live Well and Move does not take insurance, 

Cash-based models allow the consumer to choose who they see, and where they go.  Live Well and Move is dedicated to creating the quickest, and most cost effective path for you to achieve your optimal wellness.  More often than not, the bureaucracy and paperwork needed to deal with insurance carriers slows down the process and creates a headache for you, and your provider.  If you would like more info, click the "LEARN WHY" button, or send us an email!

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