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The mission at Live Well and Move is to help you Achieve Your Optimal Wellness, and cost is always a factor when making choices for your health and wellness.  Whether  you're a weekend warrior, soccer-mom, CrossFit competitor, or seasoned professional athlete, we want to remove as many hurdles and barriers as possible to streamline your experience and your progress.  In order to give you the most flexibility and as simple of an experience as possible, we have two options available, listed below.  Each option is designed to give you the ability to come in for as long as you need at a price that will almost always save you money compared to your insurance costs. 



All options include a weekly 60-minute session, one-on-one with your therapist and scheduled for your convenience.  You will also have access to text/email, Facebook group chats, Q and A's and have first dibs for informational seminars. 

Single visit - $80 per session.  (Discount rates apply for Partners and participating CrossFit Gyms, email for details)

Monthly membership - $20/month

Monthly membership gives you and your family access to discounted session rates.  Visit cost is reduced to $60 per visit.  This means that on months that you need more attention, you'll save $20/session after the first session.  On months that a single tune-up is all you need, you're only paying the normal visit cost.  

Spouses and kids that want to take advantage of the discounted sessions can join a family membership for $10 each!

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