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Don't let your toilet overflow!

Welcome to my page and my business! What are you doing here? If I've correctly optimized my SEO (search engine optimization, for those not Web page and internet savvy), then maybe you asked Google to tell you about Physical Therapists in Chandler or Gilbert, AZ. Maybe you were looking for something "functional," or "cash-based." Maybe you were looking for Functional Medicine. Well, you've found the right place.

I've been doing PT since 2007, with college and part-time experience in PT before that. My life is PT. My dreams are PT. I could talk about kinetic chains, neuromyofascial dynamic mobility concepts, and the latest tools of the trade for hours. I love what I do.

But more and more, when I was at a clinic, or working with a patient, or finishing documentation, I realized I hated what I was doing. Looking at my schedule frustrated me, seeing patient discouraged me and driving to work was a bother. The reason: Insurance. More and more PT's (and most other healthcare providers) are under a burden placed by the big insurance companies and Medicare. There are documentation requirements, billing shenanigans (thanks spellcheck), hoops to jump through, regulations to meet, T's to cross, I's to dot and everything else in between. And all of that before we even get to seeing the patient!

So, I made a change. Live Well and Move doesn't do insurance. It's a frustrating hassle that gets in the way of me fixing you! If you want a plumber to fix your drain, you don't give them your home owner's or renter's insurance. You ask their rates, see if there is a special, schedule the time and pay them for the service. You get a fixed sink, the plumber gets a paycheck and everyone is happy. What if you had to wait for prior authorization or could only use "in-network" plumbers to fix your overflowing toilet? Think about that for a second!

So, in a nutshell, this is what I do: I fix people. I look at you and all the things that make you tick. I make sure that I know what problems you have. Each of the issues you are dealing with is part of the the other issues. You aren't single bits and pieces of anatomy thrown together randomly, you are a highly refined, well designed, interdependent masterful work of art, and you deserve more than the 5-minute interview you get once a month at your doctor's office. When we know all the small, medium and large details, its easy to make a plan that takes you from where you are at, right now, and moves you into Optimal Wellness. Functional Medicine does that, PT does that, and that's what I do.

So, you wouldn't let your toilet overflow, don't waste time letting your health and mobility spill all over the floor too. Call me and lets get to work!

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